Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teachers as Leaders

Half of today's lecture was on leadership - a topic I found helpful to hear about as I am training to become a teacher. Here are my insights on the way teachers need to be leaders.
Teachers can lead most effectively through relationship. Students will not respond to authoritarian leadership to the same effectiveness as leadership which values people. It is important for teachers to develop a rapport with the students in their class in order to guide them through their learning.
I think that it is important for teacher to have the traits put forward in the 'Great Person Theory.' They need to be ambitious and energetic, they need contextual knowledge, they need to have a desire to lead students, have honesty and integrity and to be self confident and intelligent.
Teachers cannot be followers (at least in the context of a classroom). They need to have the motivation and vision to inspire and direct students into realms of learning that they have never experienced yet need to conquer.
Many teachers I have experienced lack vision and a drive to get up and inspire people. They have no enthusiasm and little energy for what they do. This makes them very ineffective.
I believe that they most effective teachers are the ones who naturally fill their role as a leader, a leader in learning.


Rebekah said...

Hi Bethany,

This is an interesting blog posting. I agree, teachers must be good leaders...

I remember from school that I would never listen to the authoritarian teacher very much- and even less the laszei-faire (couldnt be bothered looking up how to spell it)... It is a fine balance to be a good teacher that can control a class but also be approachable and inspirational.

My mum teaches year 3 and my Dad is the principal of a school-- and it is interesting to see the difference in what sort of leadership their jobs require.
I do think in any leadership position you need to combine all 3 leadership styles.

My parents both have this poem at their works... and I dont know if you have heard it (and I cant find it on the net)
But it says that a wonderful teacher is an excellent actor, a special confidante, a parent, a disciplanarian, a nurse etc etc... (ill try and find it).

Good luck..

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